Al Merschen

Partner, International Insights

Al Merschen headshot

As the founder of Myriad and a partner with MMGY Global, Al’s efforts are hands-on and wide-ranging. More often than not, you can find him developing strategic solutions to client challenges, creating industry partnerships and supporting Myriad and MMGY Global’s growth. Al’s also an accomplished speaker, having presented on five continents and in countless countries on topics including research, marketing, changing trends and the creative process.

In more than 30 years with Myriad, Al’s worked with more than international and U.S.-based destinations. His experience touches most categories in the travel and tourism industry, including cruise lines, airlines, tour companies and consortia.

While covering millions of miles across dozens of countries, Al’s done it all. He’s been lucky enough to jump out of an airplane over the Great Barrier Reef, samba in full costume for Carnival in Rio de Janeiro and summit Mount Kilimanjaro. He’s even bungee jumped off Macao’s tallest tower, trekked the villages of Papua New Guinea, hang glided in Cape Town and square danced in the Ozarks.