Maximizing Editorial & Broadcast Opportunities

Look beyond the glamour to maximize your ROI.

  • Consumer Advertising
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In my years of experience representing tourism boards from Latin America to the South Pacific and beyond, I’ve partnered with a number of glossy magazines and big-name television shows. Producers of location-dependent shows such as “The Bachelor” have become savvy in approaching potential partners and are increasingly attending conferences such as the USTOA Annual Conference & Marketplace to look for interested destination partners.

The relationship in these cases is a two-way street: They’re looking for destination partners that can help create a compelling narrative – not just a pretty background – and that will shoulder some of their production costs. Destination marketers must maximize their visibility and return on investment in terms of hard costs, time and resources.

Here are some simple guidelines to ensure you are getting the most out of your investment when supporting editorial and broadcast exposure opportunities:

  • Determine whether the opportunity is a good cultural fit for your destination before confirming a partnership. It’s important to ask yourself, “How will this coverage or specific angle be viewed by local stakeholders, media and partners? Will it be considered a win locally?”
  • Everything is negotiable. Remember that producers are looking to maintain profitability by passing on costs and offsetting fees. Don’t blindly agree to a splashy opportunity until you’ve thoroughly reviewed the type of coverage, the audience and the assets you are set to receive in exchange for your support.
  • Don’t relinquish control once the contract is signed. Work closely with the producers throughout the process to help define the narrative during the production; act as a steward with local partners, engage local media, and define an action plan with the production company. The more involved you are, the more likely they will favor you now and in the future.
  • Think much (much!) bigger than PR. Work to engage your integrated marketing team to develop and push out the visibility on owned, paid and trade channels. Leverage your biggest social media fans to make noise about the fact that you’ll be in a high-profile print or broadcast placement – and don’t forget to play back your successes at home.
  • Follow up. Follow up. Follow up. Make sure your contacts deliver every facet of your agreement, which includes securing assets such as photography, b-roll, talent testimony and reporting. You will want to make sure you can relay your successes to your partners and your stakeholders, so don’t be afraid to ask for viewership figures or other benchmarks that you can rightfully own.