Myriad Destination News July 2020

As we move into the end of summer, some of our partner destinations have begun to reopen to international tourism in some phase or another.

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August 10, 2020 -

As we move into the end of summer, some of our partner destinations have begun to reopen to international tourism in some phase or another. Rwanda, for instance, announced that the country is open to commercial flights once again as of August 1, with all tourism products fully operational – and Americans are welcomed pending negative COVID-19 tests. Similarly, Japan has placed Hawaii on a list of 12 countries and regions identified for safe travel, though a date has yet to be determined for when arrangements will be made. All destinations ask that international arrivals follow strict health and safety guidelines upon arrival and throughout their visit.

Read on for the latest news and updates from our other destinations, including a new hotel opening in Kyoto and a new twist on an Aboriginal art fair in the Northern Territory!


  • Japan (Kyoto, Kinosaki & Shizuoka): Japan’s borders remain closed to most international travelers, including Americans and Canadians. However, Japanese authorities have identified Hawaii as a safe region for travel, though a date has not yet been identified for the beginning of travel arrangements between the two regions.
  • Macao: Macao Government Tourism Office recently released a video on its preventive measures against COVID-19 and how these will continue to ensure the destination’s safety for both locals and travelers alike. You can find the video on the Macao Government Tourism Office USA YouTube page linked here.
  • Northern Territory, Australia: Australia’s borders remain closed to international travel for the foreseeable future. The Northern Territory government recently announced that the NT borders will reopen to domestic tourism, with self-quarantines no longer required (except for those arriving from a declared hot spot). More information can be found here
  • Rwanda: Following the June 17 reopening of domestic tourism and international charter flights, Rwanda announced that commercial flights will once again be welcomed back into the country as of August 1. All passengers will be required to show proof of a negative COVID-19 test within 72 hours of arriving in Rwanda, and a second test will be conducted upon arrival. All tourism activities have now resumed in line with enhanced protection measures. More information on tourism reopening guidelines can be found here.
  • Samoa: While Samoa remains free of COVID-19, the country’s State of Emergency is still in effect, requiring that all international borders remain closed until further notice.
  • Tenerife, Spain: Tenerife, the leading destination in the Canary Islands, has passed all of the transition phases established by the Spanish government and has begun welcoming international travelers from the European Union. A variety of guidelines developed by Spain’s State Secretariat for Tourism in coordination with the country’s Ministry of Health are currently being implemented, which will allow for a smooth transition to welcoming U.S. arrivals when the times comes. Since the destination reopened for tourism, there have been no new registered cases in Tenerife.


  • Kyoto, Japan: Kyoto’s newest hotel, Hotel The Matsui, is set to open its doors on November 3 and is currently accepting reservations. The hotel is part of Marriott’s Luxury Collection and has been designed to embrace the beauty of Kyoto and Japan. The hotel has 161 guest rooms, including 22 suites. It will also be home to TOKI, a signature gastronomy restaurant, with esteemed executive chef Tadahiro Tagai at the helm.


  • Northern Territory: This year’s Darwin Aboriginal Art Fair begins August 6. The festival, available in a digital format for the first time ever, runs through 14, 2020. To view the full press release and learn more about DAAF’s online events, visit here.

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