Why Partnerships Pay Off: Whose Story Is It Anyway?

Whose story is it anyway? When cooperation leads to bigger and better results.

  • Consumer Advertising
  • Public Relations & Social Media
Uluru rock in Australia under milky way

Myriad’s specialty is destination representation, and in a completely integrated campaign, public relations is just one component of the entire picture. We serve as the gatekeepers of the stories that truly capture the spirit of the destination.

In the case of the Northern Territory of Australia (NT), the destination’s remoteness and untamed wilderness are essential parts of the story. Simply getting a journalist there is an investment. We’re often paying for long-haul flights, premium accommodations and domestic flights, not to mention once-in-a-lifetime experiences. The big ask from our client is to secure journalists who will provide a strong ROI with a stellar story in a top-tier publication or multiple stories across reputable publications. Ideally, that story is about – and only about – the NT.

Writers, however, often have an entirely different point of view. For many, the thought is, “Well, if I’m going to fly all that way, I really want to see Australia!”

In a recent integrated campaign, we chose Visit Victoria as our partner to host press trips and to create trade opportunities. With creative, integrated campaigns such as these, the payoffs can be extremely beneficial.

The NT’s remote location worked in our benefit, as journalists tend to stay longer in the outback than the city.

We were able to show two distinctly different sides of Australia, urban and outback, ensuring there was no direct competition while showcasing a more complete view of the country.

We remained fully transparent with hosted journalists about what we hoped for in terms of coverage. As a result of pitching and hosting top-tier journalists, we have secured coverage in outlets such as The New York Times, Sherman’s Travel, Salon and Barron’s.

As this was part of an integrated campaign, we also created six packages with a partner wholesaler, developed original banner ads and native content, brought members of the trade to Australia, and hosted informative webinars – ensuring there were multiple points of entry to share the story of the NT and Victoria.

Ultimately, as the liaison between our client and the journalists, we are continuously able to facilitate good communication, manage expectations, and deliver results that truly showcase the appeal of the NT.